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Custom Software

We design and develop software that is custom suited to you're company needs.
Stock levels, job cards, internal intergration and procurment are some examples.

Mining Solutions

We develop custom solutions for the mining industy.
Engine hours, tracking, geo-fencing, turbo sensors and more are some examples.

Engine Monitoring

We offer a range of engine monitoring eqipment ranging from rpm sensors, oil pressure sensors, water level and temp sensors, engine block temp sensors, turbo sensors and more.


The mining industry is one of the world's biggest and most lucerative industries to date.
That said, the risk and opperating costs are also much higher.
With everything from diesel to operator wages, vehicle services to breakdowns costs, bills can quickly pile up.

We ​prioritize prevention rather than intervention.
Some if not most of the major repair costs can be reduced by acting before major damage is done.

We keep these ideas close to heart when we develop your solutions.