Mining Solutions

Turbo Sensors

Monitor and manage your vehicle's turbo to ensure that the turbo does not overheat and keep coolant flowing when the engine is turned off while the turbo is above nominal temperature

Engine Working Sensor

Our Non-Invasive technology allows us to mount a sensor in the cab that monitors the vehicle's vibrations to determain if the vehicle is working.

Engine Monitoring System

Our EMS uses external sensors to detect : oil pressure, coolant temp, coolant level, engine block temp, emmissions and fuel consumption.

Battery And Alternator Sensor

Our Battery And Alternator sensor detects the charging current of the alternator to determain if the right alternator is fitted. Additionally it messures the battery and starter during the starting cycle to warn if the battery charge is low or the starter is faulty.

Charging Station

We offer a heavy duty battery charging station capable of charging two batteries at a time, however the system is modular and will allow up to four modules to connect, allowing for up to eight batteries. 
Smart charging, trickle charge and reconditioning all controlled by software.

Ultrasonic Collision Detection

Our Ultrasonic Collision Detection system utilizes low cost, close proximity ultrasonic sensors to detect nearby objects, alerting the operator therof.

Commercial Solutions

Cut-Off Isolators

We offer a 'fail to - safe' isolator system for vehicles that carry dangerous goods. This system allows the operator to 'force isolate' the vehicle from inside the cab or anywhere spicified, cutting the engine and compleatly isolating the vehicle from the power source.

Trailer Rectification Kits

Specifically for the 'Mercedes Benz Actros' trucks, this kit rectifies the light signals sent to the trailer from the truck.


We offer a vehicle tracking solution that allows you to track your assets, geo-fence warnings, limit speed and more.